Ladies First – Taking It Literally

The sport of Martial Arts has always prided itself on the diversity it offers.

Men & woman are given equal opportunities to pick up & refine the moves of the sport. Training partners are not categorised & decided by gender. There is also not a need to create an variation of the sport to cater to females who are widely thought to be “softer” & “ weaker” ( Looking at you, Baseball.).

However, this got me thinking about a research that I read recently about how vastly different it is for a female & male when it comes down to their motivation & how they express their happiness.

According to that research, females are generally more motivated by the emotional aspect of things like a sense of homeliness & community within a place whereas males are in general motivated by the physical elements such as a sense of achievement & seeing improvement in what they are learning. At times, these combination can lead to an “on-the-fence" approach where a gym is unable to cater to both gender’s needs & desires. There must be a gym somewhere that caters strictly to the needs of one particular gender right? What was on their mind when they decided to open a gym just catering to one particular gender? With that thought in mind, I approached a friend of mine, Nat who started “Six Sigma Gym”, an all-female Muay Thai Gym in Joo Chiat to find out more and discover for myself ( and everyone reading this blog) the thought process, benefits & challenges faced by Six Sigma Gym’s founder, Nat, commonly known to her student as Kru Nat. ( Kru in thai means instructor or teacher)

“Six Sigma Gym”, an all-female Muay Thai Gym in Joo Chiat

Six Sigma Gym was founded in 2019 & have close to a total of 200 active members. Each class which lasts for an hour consist of 10-14 pax so as to keep the group size small and conducive for learning. Six Sigma Gym offers a wide range of different classes ranging from technical Muay Thai to Cardio Fitness aimed at tackling different components of training to allow its members to reap the benefits of an well-rounded body. For more details about the exact classes for each timeslot, check out the link that is embedded here (SIXSIGMA Schedule 2022)

Kru Nat founded Six Sigma Gym because she understood that they were a market for ladies that might feel intimidated to train martial arts in a mixed gym environment especially those of the Muslim’s faith. Kru Nat believe that they deserve the rights to exercise freely without any judgements or discrimination which inspired her to set up Six Sigma Gym.

Women deserve the right to exercise freely without any judgements or discrimination

Kru Nat shared with me that ladies are more particular about the atmosphere, ambience and the environment they sit themselves in. Kru Nat hoped that by setting up Six Sigma Gym, she could create an environment of inclusivity where beginners and experienced fighters alike can join the gym and continue to learn and grow in their passion for Muay Thai.

It is also Kru Nat's wish to build a women empowerment community through the establishment of Six Sigma! Kru Nat sees this as “killing 2 birds with one stone”, educating them about self defence with martial art skills while teaching and helping them to learn about independence.

Although Six Sigma Gym was recently crowned as Best All Female Muay Thai Gym in Joo Chiat, the road towards becoming the top was never one that is easy, Kru Nat shared. For instance, when Six Sigma was first established, it was met with skepticism by people regarding female & martial arts. Some of the questions that Kru Nat received initially were “ Female like martial arts?” “Will they actually enjoy doing it?” Kru Nat shared that there are some female clients who are afraid to join the martial arts sector as they don’t wish to be very competitive and get bruises. They also believe Muay Thai to be violent and injury-prone. Kru Nat went on to assure me (and the readers) that Muay Thai is more than just about the moves and sparring.

Six Sigma aims to provide clients with a safe environment, minimize injury and making every session fun and enjoyable!

In fact, many of Six Sigma’s clientele base do enjoy the Muay Thai session offered as it trains their psychomotor skills and agility. Secondly, due to how saturated the martial arts industry is for female martial arts instructor, it is often not that easy to find an female instructor that fits the values that Six Sigma embodies such as passion for the sport, patience & diligence.

Hopefully, with this short write up, we can get a glimpse (This is still a very tiny glimpse, best way to get the full picture is to visit the gym 😊) into what an all-female Muay Thai gym looks like! Hope that has given you an alternate perspective into the fact that “hey, Muay Thai is for all gender to enjoy!” & clears up some of the stereotypes that we might hold towards the sport of Muay Thai! And what better way to experience the dynamics & atmosphere of how an class over at Six Sigma Gym would look like than to join the classes! For a limited time only, Six Sigma’s group session trials are priced at a discounted rate of $18 instead of the usual price of $40 so that you do not have to worry about the price and come fully to enjoy the company and lesson! What are you for waiting? Visit Six Sigma website and book a class now!

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