Tips To Improve Your Workout Game: Top 3 Exercise For A Bigger Chest

Hello everyone, I am Jeremy, also known as J! Chances are that if you have a couple of friends who are gym fanatics, It is not uncommon for you to hear them talk about exercising their chest muscles or “Chest day” as they would so affectionally call it. But what exactly is the benefits of exercising our chest? Does it have any benefit other than being aesthetically pleasing ( & perhaps being a very comfortable pillow to rest our head on.). In today post, we will look at the benefits of exercising our chest & share with everyone 3 exercises to improve and strengthen our chest so that you too can “flex” both literally & figuratively to your friends.

Working out our chest helps to improve our posture. As one of the largest muscles in your upper body, the pecs/ chest muscles play a major role in maintaining good posture. In addition to your back and shoulder muscles, our chest muscles also help to stabilize the shoulder joint. In addition to improving your posture, strengthening and lengthening our chest muscles also helps to support deeper breathing. That’s because the pecs are attached to your ribs, which expand with every breath and a larger chest muscle equates to having more capacity to breath better and further. Lastly, a stronger pec muscles also translate to everyday perks. Even if you don’t realize it, we use our pecs an awful lot during daily activities. Anything that involves lifting, holding, squeezing or pushing calls on your pecs; so it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra strength in that muscle group!

At this moment, I know you’re asking, “I know the benefits of strengthening my chest muscles but how do I go about doing it?” Fret not, I did not forget about that! Below is 3 exercises that is recommended by renowned personal trainers to take your chest game to another level.

1) Incline Dumbbell Press (Upper Pecs)

Science shows that a slight 30-degree incline on the bench is best to not only hit the upper pec fibres the best while minimizing the dominance of the front delts but that it also hits the sternal portion of the chest hard as well. The arms move from the low and away position to one up and in when performing the exercise this way. The use of dumbbells also allows the hands to travel a little closer to each other at the top to achieve more adduction of the arms rather than what happens when they are fixed in place on a barbell during a barbell bench press. Even though you lose some of the tension on resisted adduction at the top of the rep, you still get more overall adduction resistance during the dumbbell variation of the bench press than you do with the barbell version.

2) High to Low Cable Crossover (Lower Pecs)

This is best performed with a set of cables but it can also be done as a chest resistance band exercise. Here you want to make sure that you are bringing the arms down and across your chest on every rep. In order to maximize chest contraction, you want to cross your arms over each other in order to allow for a greater excursion into adduction and get better chest development.

3) Dumbbell Pullover

Instead of flaring the elbows out to the sides and keeping the dumbbell close to the head (which would place the brunt of the workload on the lats), you want to straighten the arms as much as possible. The finish position of the dumbbell over the chest is the same as it would be at the end of an incline bench press. With the arms held relatively high (above the shoulders) you get the flexion of the shoulder that targets the upper pecs and minimizes the lats. The other thing you want to do here is to think about squeezing the backs of your hands together as the dumbbell approaches the end of each rep. This will further adduct your hands which will create a more intense upper chest contraction. Finally, you can also use this exercise for the chest to develop the serratus muscle. This often-overlooked muscle acts as a support muscle for the lower chest and, when developed, gives that complete aesthetic look to the pecs that rounds out your complete chest development.

That being said, there isn't much significance in knowing the exercises if you do not have a professional in the field advising you & guiding you on your form. And this is where We, Gymfinder wants to help! We want to connect each and every one of you to a gym of any sort, wherever it is convenient for you! So do check out our website, connect yourself to a gym near you & be sure to keep yourself up to date with the various events being held at respective gym.

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